Nothing Can Save Wretches Like Us

by Seize the Night

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released May 16, 2006



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Seize the Night San Francisco, California

Long hair, no fucks

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Track Name: My Youth
Oh my youth, where did you go?
With the smoke blown out the window?
You know, I always called you a good friend of mine.
Now I'm starin' at the future.
People ask me what I'm gonna be, as if it's even up to me.
I'm just singin' my favorite songs with my best friends.
Fuck you, these are my best friends.
I love my best friends.
It's 1 AM, I've found my head in a shotglass of Fernet backed with ginger ale.
Place your bets, I'm sure to fail.
I just keep fuckin' up. I keep on fallin' down, but persevere nonetheless.
The only thing I give you is my best.
So fuck a curfew, I'm makin' noise.
This moonlight's my new favorite toy.
We'll fuck it up, every last motive that you have.
We'll replace it with our own.
Free hearts, free minds.
Me and the boys, we love this moonlight.
If these are my last words, let them ring as far as this shitty PA will carry them.
If this is my last breath, I'd breath it out for you to breathe in.
If you've got the blues, put on your dancin' shoes.
Time we learned a new step.
We've got the blues.
Fuck you.
Track Name: Lemmings, Leeches
We've lost our sense of purpose, lost our sense of truth.
Watch the lemmings fall into an ocean of misled youth.
Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck have we all become?
Consumers of a culture that never gave a fuck about us.
So who do we trust now? Who do we believe?
Our hearts are broken cos we wore 'em on our sleeve.
We've resorted to this: hopeless dreamers in a bucket of piss.
Let's throw our ambition out and let it drain into the bay.
Rock'n'roll, our only hope, what the fuck happened to you?
You let these leeches buy their way in and suck you off.
Track Name: Roll Call
The moon is high and crescent.
Roll call, the troops are present.
It's fixin' to be a long night, but at least it's with the ones I love.
Stand strong my soldiers and sing along.
We'll give these fuckers hell to pay.
And with the sunrise, we will push on despite those who abandoned us and misplaced our trust.
This ain't no bandwagon ride.
You can choose to lay down and die or you can stand the fuck up and fight.
I will live out another day, but first I'm livin' out tonight.
This is war in every sense of the word and whether we like it or not, there will be innocent lives lost.
We pay the cost.
Led by wolves, eating sheep, we must not sleep.
We gotta keep our eyes open.
We burn the fabric and the fashion of all the things you ever thought you knew.
Throw them into the fire.
We will make love by the blaze's glow.
We have a man down.
Track Name: Zombie Music
What have we here?
A full-blown display of degeneration.
The ideas died with no hesitation.
We used to have a song to sing to feel alive, but these days kids nut in their designer jeans over the hype.
What did you ship first week? When does your management project your sales to peak?
Here's your video, here's your bus.
Buy all the drugs you can, it's just money you owe to us.
Do whatever you can to kill the pain, because this industry needs artists like the CIA needs cocaine.
They wonder why all these fucking songs sound the same.
Everything we worked for, they took away.
They stripped the fun, stripped the soul and put image on display.
Let me be the first to say that music saved my life.
It made me who I am today, I couldn't turn my back now if I tried.
These chords are all I have. This is my song and dance.
Al of my possessions won't mean shit when I'm gone.
This could be my only chance to kill the demons and find romance, but not every story we learn has a happy ending.
So fuck it.
I'll reach down in my gut and scream like I don't give a fuck.
I will celebrate and rejoice, a reminder that we have a choice.
What's your choice going to be?
Track Name: Decree
A group, a coalition. Once aligned, be we bound.
Let this be our declaration in recognition of brotherhood.
May it transcend one's concept of friendship as we set forth to consume these libations in a perpetuation of youth.
Not a misappropriation of means, but our mantra to the end.
Lest we fail to fulfill the life we were given, as few possess heart enough to follow up in our jovial pursuits.
So let it be known: when the first sun shows its face in the east, may we lay down to rest.
Carpe noctem.
Maestro, serenade us with nocturnes that consume us, as does the rage a cannibal.
We compose symphonies to inspire the movement.
Music, our mistress and the quill, our weapon.
We are rightly pampered and fully armed.
Be forewarned, we will run you through the gut with an aural defiance against contempt for life and against deceit, against betrayal, whilst saving our breaths from declaring, "En guarde."
Think us not evil for doing so, for you won't be able.
The words scribed on this page, be them the solitary evidence of our existence, as we will inform you.
Eat. Drink. Make love. These are not sins, but blessings.
To cross us is to be enlightened.
The choice is yours, but I digress.
Fill your pail and raise it in our name [call us what you will, we are unconcerned], for one day we may be shoulder to shoulder and this could spare the spilling of your pint.
For the latter we are concerned.
Follow this decree and you will be sought after by us and privy to our reality.
Seize the chance you were given to seek love, but you must beware- nothing can save wretches like us.
Track Name: Down
I'm here and I'm not goin' anywhere.
I've got some things I've gotta get off my chest.
I came to make this abundantly clear [blast your stereo, we will make the whole world finally hear]:
There's still a few of us out here.
While the world corrupted, we fell outta line.
While they were marchin', we were dancin'.
It feels like the time is near. The light is green.
Gotta get up and go now.
We'll show them all how we get down.
Play it faster, play it loud. Play as low as ya can, but get down.
To the lovers that showed me how, just let yourself go and it'll all work out.
To the new friends that I made tonight, I feel good it's the world that don't feel right.
I feel alive.