Livin' Loud

by Seize the Night

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releases November 11, 2037



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Seize the Night San Francisco, California

Long hair, no fucks

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Track Name: We Won't Wait
Go it alone, if that's what we gotta do.
Made a decision: back roads are the paths we choose.
You can call it failure, call it what you will, but we'd rather fall down and write about the thrill.
You think we're safe. We never will be.
Starlight, please guide me that someone with a soul might find me.
We won't wait, this is ours to take.
Life is yours to take.
Track Name: Less to Gain
Come look inside. There's nothin' to fear and no reason to hide.
Give me a sign. Do you wanna fall in love instead of fallin' behind?
I take a risk tonight with the good ol' boys, drinkin' whiskey and rye.
I kiss my lover and cry. She knows why.
Judge me not for I know that I'm a sinner and I'm goin' to die.
Someday I'll find my peace of mind.
Baby, please, won't you take this chain?
If you remember one thing, it'll be my name.
Baby, please don't take this all in vain.
We've got nothin' to lose and less to gain.
Track Name: Alabama
Alabama, on the side of highway 10.
There are things that brought us here that'll never be the same again.
There was a question I was given: what am I doing right now?
I found the answer cramped in the back of a van with four of the best friends that you could ever have.
There's no goin' back to the lives they wanted us to live.
Here all night, it's our time to live.
Our lives flashing before our lives, 2500 miles from the home I was raised in.
When I get back, it won't be the same.
We'll always have the memories of the youth we did our best to seize.
We tuned in, turned on, and dropped the fuck out.
Now there's only one truth I can believe: the truth is only what we let ourselves see.
There is a clarity I seek. I think I found it in this back seat.
No goin' back from this back seat.
Track Name: Bangover/Patriot
Mission success.
The steps have been put in place.
They've created a nation segregated, separated by zeroes and decimal points.
Oh, this is freedom.
This is how we're trained to live our lives, so step the fuck in line.
You'll be next to take the bribe.
But we're on to you.
Ask a kid in the ghetto if he's felt the trickle down effect.
Ask a homeless verteran if he feels patriotic yet.
I am a patriot.
Reporting, yes sir, I am a patriot.
Sign your soul on this dotted line.
Do you feel patriotic yet?
I don't feel patriotic yet.
Track Name: My Youth [New]
Oh my youth, where did you go?
With the smoke blown out the window?
You know, I always called you a good friend of mine.
Now I'm starin' at the future.
People ask me what I'm gonna be, as if it's even up to me.
I'm just singin' my favorite songs with my best friends.
Fuck you, these are my best friends.
I love my best friends.
It's 1 AM, I've found my head in a shotglass of Fernet backed with ginger ale.
Place your bets, I'm sure to fail.
I just keep fuckin' up. I keep on fallin' down, but persevere nonetheless.
The only thing I give you is my best.
So fuck a curfew, I'm makin' noise.
This moonlight's my new favorite toy.
We'll fuck it up, every last motive that you have.
We'll replace it with our own.
Free hearts, free minds.
Me and the boys, we love this moonlight.
If these are my last words, let them ring as far as this shitty PA will carry them.
If this is my last breath, I'd breath it out for you to breathe in.
If you've got the blues, put on your dancin' shoes.
Time we learned a new step.
We've got the blues.
Fuck you.
Track Name: Lust I
Drinkin' a cold one, mindin' my business.
She stumbles up, I'm tastin' her lipstick.
There must be somethin' that I'm missin'.
Tequila puts her in a risky position.
Slow down, ma, we got all night.
I'm just tryin' to get my buzz on right.
I'm sayin' you should take time to think.
I don't believe you can swim girl, are you goin' to sink?
She asked me to dance.
I said, "Baby, ya might not wanna take that chance."
She asked me to dance, then she slit her wrists and took off her pants.
Passed me a glance, drifted away.
Is it her or the cocaine that had somethin' to say?
The lust I slurred, the mispronounced words, the key's in the ignition but it just won't turn.
Does she wanna be a name on the list?
I got a gun, I got a barrel, she wants to be my fish.
Bang, bang, she's all over the place.
Bang, bang, she ain't slowin' her pace.
Bang, bang, she's a helpless thing.
Bang, bang, we really
Bang, bang.
Track Name: Lust II
"Last call for your alcohol so tell me, what'll it be?"
I said, "Whatever your drink is, barkeep, pour two on me."
It was a scotch on the rocks.
I caught this pretty girl's eyes catchin' mine. Couldn't hesitate to ask her what her plans were for the night.
She said, "Whatever you're doin' will do just fine."
Slow down, it's pickin' up.
We go outside and she's just my type.
She pulls out a flask and a plastic cup.
She takes her lust straight up, she fills my cup.
No chase. No sour look on her face.
All she needs or wants is another taste.
Track Name: Stoned
There are things I said that I meant and should have never let you believe, like I loved you more than I ever loved anyone before.
There were promises I couldn't keep.
I've gotta stay on my two feet.
I wish I could love you with no legs.
Maybe then I couldn't walk away.
I ain't to proud to beg.
Even now it feels like a mistake, one I won't take to my grave.
If ya feel alone, baby, so do I.
If you're feelin' cold, it's with me you'll cry.
It's unclear if we will survive.
The only words in my head, when you said you wanted to die.
Felt like I just died.
I can't help but feel I'm the cause of this mess I put us in.
Nobody really wins, eventually we catch up with our sins.
Such a fragile girl in such a crushing world.
This isn't what I planned, but what plans of mine ever turned out right?
Track Name: Zombie Music [New]
What have we here?
A full-blown display of degeneration.
The ideas died with no hesitation.
We used to have a song to sing to feel alive, but these days kids nut in their designer jeans over the hype.
What did you ship first week? When does your management project your sales to peak?
Here's your video, here's your bus.
Buy all the drugs you can, it's just money you owe to us.
Do whatever you can to kill the pain, because this industry needs artists like the CIA needs cocaine.
They wonder why all these fucking songs sound the same.
Everything we worked for, they took away.
They stripped the fun, stripped the soul and put image on display.
Let me be the first to say that music saved my life.
It made me who I am today, I couldn't turn my back now if I tried.
These chords are all I have. This is my song and dance.
Al of my possessions won't mean shit when I'm gone.
This could be my only chance to kill the demons and find romance, but not every story we learn has a happy ending.
So fuck it.
I'll reach down in my gut and scream like I don't give a fuck.
I will celebrate and rejoice, a reminder that we have a choice.
What's your choice going to be?
Track Name: Down [New]
I'm here and I'm not goin' anywhere.
I've got some things I've gotta get off my chest.
I came to make this abundantly clear [blast your stereo, we will make the whole world finally hear]:
There's still a few of us out here.
While the world corrupted, we fell outta line.
While they were marchin', we were dancin'.
It feels like the time is near. The light is green.
Gotta get up and go now.
We'll show them all how we get down.
Play it faster, play it loud. Play as low as ya can, but get down.
To the lovers that showed me how, just let yourself go and it'll all work out.
To the new friends that I made tonight, I feel good it's the world that don't feel right.
I feel alive.